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4 reasons why workplace learning content authoring must become effortless.

Apr 27, 2018 11:39:37 AM / by The Feathercap staff posted in Learning, Knowledge Management, Blog, workplace learning, sales enablement tools, what do employees look for, elearning authoring tools



Learning content authoring tools to build learning content for the workplace are not new. The idea of taking all manner of video, text, images and assessments combined with a logical path for a learning audience to follow has been with us since the late 90’s. It’s not fair to compare today’s authoring approaches and tools with those of the past as they really are easy enough for most any novice to get started. But to produce a really good learning experience we would argue the vast majority assume some expertise is required. How many authoring tool vendors have user groups, elaborate help guides, templates for sale, and “experts” for hire to assist you to create learning content for your organization? How much do they cost? They are priced to be creative tools for experts. Compare this to Youtube where as a learner/ viewer the experience is effortless. But as a publisher, as you can see in the image above showing the YouTube upload page, its as close to being effortless as possible: Select the video file, pull it from dropbox, box, Google Drive then upload. An image from your video is automatically grabbed as a thumbnail…wait a few minutes..done. We’re not suggesting video can replace all the complexity, interactions of a well thought out workplace learning course, only that there are at least four good reasons that we should try to make the experience of building learning content as easy as the publishing experience in Youtube as possible. These four reasons are:

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