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Introducing Feathercap API

Nov 20, 2017 11:23:47 PM / by Nitin Ramamurthy

Feathercap API helps you quickly access to your community, courses, learner and training data from mobile apps, portals or other compatible apps. The API is built around REST.
If your company wants to get access to our API, please request your API credentials by writing an email to support@feathercap.net

All requests to the Feathercap API needs to be signed using AWS Signature Version 4.
Implementation details available here:
Please ensure the AWS Region is set to "us-west-2" and the Service name is set to "execute-api".

Available methods
The latest available exposed API methods and Swagger descriptions are available here: https://feathercap.docs.apiary.io

Additional methods
Over the coming days we will be exposing more API methods. For any immediate requirement of additional methods, please contact support@feathercap.net

Usage Limits
API access is rate limited to the Feathercap community plan you have signed up for.

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Nitin Ramamurthy

Written by Nitin Ramamurthy