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We should give school districts a screaming deal on our enterprise learning systems. They could use our help right now.

By the Feathercap Support team

As tough as the Coronavirus pandemic is now becoming for so many of us both here in North America and around the world, thankfully, more and more useful information regarding the Coronavirus/ Covid-19 is becoming available. What’s also clear are the millions of K-12 as well as the half-million college students barred from classes, forced to study from home and become more or less cut-off from their normal interactions with their peers and teachers for the coming weeks or months. What can we do as future of work/ enterprise learning vendors? Shouldn’t we leave this to those that focus on the student learning system market? Up until a few weeks ago I would have agreed with that statement. But over the past days, we’ve been inundated with requests to assist school districts in serving at home students. If you think about it, our industry has advantages in serving these students that even the established student learning vendors can’t offer. But above all for this to work…

We should give school districts a screaming deal on our enterprise learning systems. 

Because today’s Future of work / enterprise learning platforms are designed to integrate with everything students now use. They can deploy in minutes, we can all tie into any video conferencing or other resource (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc) we can turn these great tools designed for individual employee development almost immediately and because most of us use AWS/ Google/ Azure to cost effectively scale to millions of users such as the present K-12 and higher ed students stuck at home. We’ve also built these systems for adults to find easy to use. For students and other digital natives they should find them trivial to use. But to make this work, this can’t be our enterprise pricing with a slight discount. From the school districts we’ve been in contact with, they have indicated that this has to be multiples cheaper from normal volume enterprise pricing to be affordable for them.

In fact, According to Craig Weiss, a learning analyst, enterprise learning experience platforms like Instilled LXP are offering free access to their systems and to content for months. This was very inspiring to us. Though we can’t offer our own platform for free, we can at least offer the above “screaming deal”/ greatly reduced monthly price for our personalized answer platform, Feathercap. Like most enterprise learning / future of work platforms, our value add to students is that as above we can deploy and integrate with the tools students use the most such from any device. Additionally, Feathercap lets students ask highly contextual questions on any device to their given curriculum and receive highly personalized answers automatically pulled from their existing content. It’s as though they asked a knowledgeable peer or teacher while also being taken to the exact spot in the video or content page that answers their question.

Definitely, feel free to reach out to us if we can help your school district or college at: 

https://feathercap.net or email us at support@feathercap.net and mention “Feathercap’s screaming deal offer for students and school districts”.

For more on to Craig Weis’s post on those learning systems and learning experience systems offering free resources for the Pandemic

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